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Cape Verde

A collective gasp greeted the shoal of brightly-coloured fish gliding into view. Peering through the glass-bottomed boat, the translucent emerald green water afforded a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious underwater world. We viewed shipwrecks and [...]

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Crowned the capital of Wales in 1955, Cardiff attracted over 18 million visitors last year and it’s easy to see why. It has much to offer all ages and once you’ve sampled the city yourself, [...]

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We couldn’t have visited Chester at a more opportune time. My eight-year-old son was studying Romans at school so Cheshire’s county town offered plenty of attractions on the history front. We walked along a stretch [...]

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Cofton Holiday Park – South Devon

Nestled among the lush green folds of South Devon’s landscape is a real gem of a holiday park. Family-owned for over four decades, Cofton spreads over 80 acres of this delicious countryside, offering not just [...]

Cornwall – 5 Favourite Things to Do

Cornwall has many plus points when it comes to enjoying a family holiday. One is that wherever you decide to base yourselves, you’re never far from any of the county’s attractions. Another is that there [...]

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Denmark: Southern Jutland & Legoland

I don’t know who was screaming most – me or the kids – as we endured twists and turns, a hair-raising drop and endless stomach-turning moments on X-treme Racers, just one of Legoland’s many exhilarating [...]

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