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This 268-page guide to the Adriatic East Coast is published by EuroNatur. Based in Germany, this proactive organisation was established to protect the European nature heritage. One of its main aims is safeguarding migrating birds’ breeding grounds and winter resting places across Europe.

EuroNatur also publish travel guides, such as this one. Its subtitle is, “Seeing Birds and Experiencing Nature in Historic Landscapes on the Mediterranean Coast”. The major sources and inspiration for the guide were two experts on the region: the late Dr Martin Schneider-Jacoby and his co-author Dr Borut Stumberger; their expertise is apparent throughout the volume, which contains 234 photos, six maps and is produced using 100% recycled paper.

As the press release suggests, “Go on a nature discovery trip and go birdwatching with the…guide”. And that’s what it feels like as you read the book. This isn’t some hefty, complex tome, it’s a text full of colour and wonderful descriptive narrative but which retains a degree of authority and extensive detail on the birds and wildlife seen in this corner of Eastern Europe.

Just some of the areas examined are the origins of the Adriatic, the seasons, history and culture, flora, fauna and general travel information for the countries spotlighted: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania.

EuroNatur are right when they state that until now, little has been available in terms of literature suitable for nature tourists wanting to explore the Adriatic’s east coast. Well, they’ve certainly filled the gap with a highly recommended book; and it’s not just for ornithologists or those interested in nature – it’s the kind of book which can be enjoyed by anyone, including armchair travellers.

It costs €24.80 which some might say is a little pricey for a paperback but it’s a lovely piece of work and deserves a place on any nature lover’s bookshelf.


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