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Selfie Frame

I love it when something a little different enters the highly competitive consumer market. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about Urban Outfitters’ £8 Selfie Frame. This trendy plastic picture frame is in the shape of a smartphone and has been designed with selfie-lovers in mind; but, to be honest, it would appeal [...]

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Mi-Pac Bird Cord Back Pack

My 13-year-old daughter, Hollie, jumped for joy when I asked her to try out a Mi-Pac bag on our next visit to the Lake District. You see, the company’s stylish backpacks are more than simply practical and durable bags: now they’re regarded as fashion items, their ownership craved by kids and some adults alike. The [...]

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CabinZero Cabin Bag

I didn’t coin that phrase, it’s the manufacturer, CabinZero, who describe their “classic” ultra-light cabin bag as “The Suitcase on Your Back”. Measuring 55 x 40 x 20cms with a ten-year warranty (which can be upgraded to 25 years, free of charge), my first thought on opening the package when it arrived at my home [...]

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