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I didn’t coin that phrase, it’s the manufacturer, CabinZero, who describe their “classic” ultra-light cabin bag as “The Suitcase on Your Back”.

Measuring 55 x 40 x 20cms with a ten-year warranty (which can be upgraded to 25 years, free of charge), my first thought on opening the package when it arrived at my home was, “Surely this is too big for a cabin bag?” But, no, apparently it’s been approved by a host of airlines.

Incredibly, the bag offers a 44-litre capacity, but as the item only weighs around 750g, you can cram in all you’ll need for the flight yet remain within the weight restrictions.

I tried it out on a recent trip to the Azores and can say it passed with flying colours. Although it wouldn’t fit underneath the seat in front of me, which is where I prefer to place my hand luggage for convenience, it fitted in the overhead locker.

Priced at £35, the bag – which is lined in 100% nylon and stronger due to reinforced stitching – is fitted with a Tracker Tag so that if it’s lost, the airline can identify you’re the owner. What’s more, the special tag means you can protect your identity by not having to label your bag with personal information.

One of the bag’s major selling points is its versatility. As well as offering plenty of sections for keeping contents separated, it can be carried either on your back like a rucksack or by using the handle like a mini-suitcase. Whatever method you choose, you won’t be disappointed by CabinZero’s new product.


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