Northumberland – 2014

That’s right, there are many facets to Northumberland’s appeal, explaining why the county continues to draw tourists back time and time again. But there’s no getting away from the fact that there are an awful lot of castles – arguably more than in any other county. Everybody has their favourite and ours was Alnwick Castle. [...]

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Stay Play & Explore in Leicestershire

When the opportunity arose to visit Leicestershire with my family, my first question was, “What does the county offer that will interest my kids, aged 13 and seven?” Well, the answer to that one is simple: “plenty”. In fact, Leicestershire Promotions, the main tourism organisation for not only the city of Leicester but the entire [...]

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Alice Springs Hotel & Apartments – Kos

Wanting a cheap family holiday – if there is such a thing these days – on the sunny island of Kos, my wife, two kids (six and twelve at the time) and I stayed at the Alice Springs Hotel and Apartments in Lambi. I always feel you’ve got to take a balanced view when reading [...]

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Crowned the capital of Wales in 1955, Cardiff attracted over 18 million visitors last year and it’s easy to see why. It has much to offer all ages and once you’ve sampled the city yourself, chances are you’ll be chomping at the bit for more. I visited with my wife and two children, aged 13 [...]

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Flintshire and Denbighshire

When you think of the northern segment of Wales, chances are it’s the rugged mountains of Snowdonia National Park that spring to mind. Well, that’s understandable, they’re outstandingly beautiful and it’s a part of the country well worth exploring. But there is another area – equally inviting and attractive – you should plan to visit: [...]

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The Dorset seaside resort of Bournemouth has something for everyone, making it an ideal location for holidaying by the sea: seven miles of golden sand, two historic piers, bustling promenade, plenty of gardens and green spaces, countless restaurants – and that’s just for starters. I visited with my wife and two children (aged twelve and [...]

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Often when we’re heading off on a family trip it’s all about reaching our destination as quickly as possible: the transportation from home to resort is just a means to an end. But that didn’t apply when it came to visiting Jersey because getting there is a big part of the adventure! My wife and [...]

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Snowdonia in North Wales has many attractions but for many people the region summons up images of high, rugged peaks – epitomised by Snowdon itself which, at over 3,500 feet, is the country’s highest; and quite rightly, because these majestic mountains are a major draw for tourists. But no trip to this corner of Britain [...]

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