Cofton Holiday Park – South Devon

Nestled among the lush green folds of South Devon’s landscape is a real gem of a holiday park. Family-owned for over four decades, Cofton spreads over 80 acres of this delicious countryside, offering not just holiday home breaks but self-catering cottages, too. We were lucky enough to sample a recent arrival on the park: the [...]

Darkstar Ultimate Laser Arena – St Helens

If you’re ever in or around the Merseyside town of St Helens and have kids, make time to visit Darkstar Ultimate Laser Arena: and it’s not just children who’ll enjoy themselves, adults will love it, too. We visited with our two kids, Hollie and Peter, and enjoyed two sessions of running around dark, narrow alleyways [...]

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Admiral Young Driver – The Firefly

Last year, our daughter, Hollie, enjoyed jumping behind the wheel of a real car for her first driving lesson – even though she wasn’t 17. It was thanks to the Admiral Young Driver programme, which enables anyone from the age of ten to learn how to drive a proper vehicle at one of 43 specialist [...]

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Eurocamp – La Pointe St Gilles

At the end of August 2016, just as the school summer holidays were drawing to a close, we decided to treat the kids – and ourselves, of course – to our first Eurocamp adventure. Unlike our friends who are die-hard Eurocampers, we’ve never sampled the company’s popular holidays but after this 5-day break we’ll certainly [...]

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

If you’re passing through Yorkshire or simply looking for somewhere inspirational to visit as part of a weekend away, check out Yorkshire Sculpture Park – you won’t be disappointed. Set amid 500 acres of the historic 18th-century Bretton Hall estate, Yorkshire Sculpture Park is arguably the UK’s leading open-air gallery. Exhibits include work by home-grown [...]

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Treetop Nets (Yorkshire)

Back in 2014 in the Lake District, we negotiated giant trampolines, walkways, slides and tunnels, having bucketfuls of fun in the process. Well, fast-forward two years and we were indulging in the same kind of fun – but this time near Ripon, North Yorkshire. Yes, the second Treetop Nets opened in 2016 and, remarkably, it’s [...]

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AirHop Bristol

Our hearts sank when we arrived at AirHop in Patchway, on the outskirts of Bristol, and faced hordes of excited thrill-seekers and families waiting for the 3pm session to begin. A smiley assistant informed us that up to 250 people can use the facilities each session. The thought of everyone scrambling for the trampolines in [...]

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Admiral Young Driver

My 15-year-old daughter’s only experience of controlling a steering wheel was on a go-kart. So when I told her she’d be able to try a real car, she was excited but nervous in equal measures. Thanks to Admiral Young Driver programme, you don’t have to wait until you’re 17 to learn to drive. You can [...]

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Hove Museum & Art Gallery

Hove Museum & Art Gallery is promoted as “one of the most family-friendly and accessible museums in the southeast”. Well, it’s certainly true that it’s not just adults who’ll delight in wandering around. I visited with my wife and two children. We were staying in Brighton so enjoyed a morning stroll along the promenade until [...]

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Brunel’s SS Great Britain

It’s among Bristol’s premier tourist attractions and the recipient of numerous awards, so high on your agenda if visiting this fine city should be Brunel’s wonderful SS Great Britain. The ship was launched in 1843 and travelled around the world 32 times. Its working life ended in 1933 but this vast vessel didn’t return home [...]

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