Harrogate is home to the happiest people in Britain, according to a recent study by online estate agency Rightmove. Being regarded as the happiest place to live is, of course, a real feather in this spa town’s cap and, I’m pleased to say, rubs off on its visitors – well, that’s if my family’s recent [...]

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Leicestershire’s Stay, Play, Explore – 2015

Entertaining the kids isn’t cheap these days. Deep pockets are often essesntial, especially if you’re looking to visit several family-friendly attractions and, perhaps, stay overnight in a hotel. But there are exceptions, as visitors to Leicestershire will discover. The region’s tourism body, Leicestershire Promotions, have devised “Stay, Play, Explore”, offering visitors several themed packages. Prices [...]

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We couldn’t have visited Chester at a more opportune time. My eight-year-old son was studying Romans at school so Cheshire’s county town offered plenty of attractions on the history front. We walked along a stretch of the well-preserved City Walls, the most complete in Britain which date from the Roman occupation 2,000 years ago, before [...]

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Snowdonia – 2014

The alluring beauty of Snowdonia entices visitors to return year after year. Encapsulated within this northwestern corner of Wales is a diverse landscape of high, rugged mountains, wide expanses of inland water, intriguing coastline and a wealth of attractions to satisfy everyone’s needs. A quick flip through the Attractions of Snowdonia brochure shows you [...]

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The Shropshire town of Shrewsbury, dubbed the “Town of Flowers”, is a pretty rare specimen. Not only is it a destination which, by and large, has managed to blend its old and new architecture rather seamlessly but it has resisted the temptation to let chain stores take over the high street. So many UK towns [...]

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One thing you’re guaranteed if holidaying in Guernsey is tranquillity. It’s such a peaceful and unrushed island and, as Visit Guernsey’s promotional material boasts, you’ll “rediscover what life’s about”. Well, it’s certainly what holidays should be about. But for us – a family of four – the adventure began en-route to the island, which is [...]

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Northumberland – 2014

That’s right, there are many facets to Northumberland’s appeal, explaining why the county continues to draw tourists back time and time again. But there’s no getting away from the fact that there are an awful lot of castles – arguably more than in any other county. Everybody has their favourite and ours was Alnwick Castle. [...]

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Stay Play & Explore in Leicestershire

When the opportunity arose to visit Leicestershire with my family, my first question was, “What does the county offer that will interest my kids, aged 13 and seven?” Well, the answer to that one is simple: “plenty”. In fact, Leicestershire Promotions, the main tourism organisation for not only the city of Leicester but the entire [...]

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Alice Springs Hotel & Apartments – Kos

Wanting a cheap family holiday – if there is such a thing these days – on the sunny island of Kos, my wife, two kids (six and twelve at the time) and I stayed at the Alice Springs Hotel and Apartments in Lambi. I always feel you’ve got to take a balanced view when reading [...]

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