Having visited Brighton only once before – and that was years ago – I enjoyed arriving with my family free of any preconceived views and opinions on what to expect or what we could achieve during our short break. Our excursion to this Sussex resort, granted city status by the Queen in 2000, was a [...]

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Faja dos Padres – Madeira

Although Madeira, save Funchal during the rush-hour, is an oasis of calm and tranquillity, there is a little spot on the southern coastline which is, believe it or not, even more peaceful and relaxing – and that’s Faja dos Padres. It’s no wonder that this place is so tranquil because it can only be reached [...]

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Madeira has been attracting British holidaymakers for decades and it’s easy to see why. Take the weather: after one of the UK’s worst summers on record, I was in need of some reliable sunshine – and I got that during my few days on the island, dubbed the “Floating Garden in the Atlantic”, thanks to [...]

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  We’d only just arrived in Montenegro and here we were sitting in a garishly-coloured motorboat heading for Hawaii! As Jovan, a rosy-faced sailor, steered his pride and joy across the short stretch of emerald water, he pointed excitedly and in pidgin English, enthused, “There’s paradise, Hawaii next-stop.” (c) Richard Webber We’d left [...]

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If you’ve ever wondered what happened to Britain’s fleet of 1960s buses, visit Malta where myriad Bedfords and Leylands ply their trade on the island’s bumpy roads.   The garishly-painted relic creeping up the hill in front of me was on its last legs. But instead of becoming impatient, everyone in the lengthening queue seemed [...]

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“The volcano’s erupting!” screamed a little boy beside me as a towering plume of steam shot out of the earth. As the spectacle subsided in the heart of Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park, the grinning guide, who prompted the display by pouring water into a deep hole, told his attentive audience that there is no cause [...]

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Spotting throngs of excited tourists jostling for position at the quayside, we half-expected to see an A-list celebrity pulling up in their million-pound yacht. But the cameras were primed to catch sight of a more important visitor in this part of the world – George, the loggerhead turtle. Kefalonia, the fourth largest Greek island, is [...]

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Denmark: Southern Jutland & Legoland

I don’t know who was screaming most – me or the kids – as we endured twists and turns, a hair-raising drop and endless stomach-turning moments on X-treme Racers, just one of Legoland’s many exhilarating rides. Although I’ve never been a fan of theme parks, I make an exception for Legoland which always provides an [...]

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Cape Verde

A collective gasp greeted the shoal of brightly-coloured fish gliding into view. Peering through the glass-bottomed boat, the translucent emerald green water afforded a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious underwater world. We viewed shipwrecks and were treated to a majestic display from schools of `dolphin swimming nearby before Neptunus, a yellow boat aptly named after [...]

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