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I’m sure most of us can remember a time when an event or activity has been spoilt due to cold hands. Perhaps memories of a winter walking holiday have been marred because gloves were either forgotten or just not insulated enough to keep out the cold. But for some people, like our daughter Hollie who suffers from a condition called Raynaud’s, a slight dip in temperature or a cooling breeze any time of year can result in painful extremeties, particularly fingers and toes.

We’ve tried various heat pads over the years but they are either single use or have to be boiled after use to re-activate them. We were, therefore, very keen to try out the Hot Rox Electronic Hand Warmer, which comes with a Power Bank function for “mobile charging on the go”.

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Our first impression was that it fitted snugly into the palm of your hand so could be slipped inside a glove or held inside your pocket. Another plus point is that its predecessor only had one heated surface whereas the new version is double-sided. Although this means the product is slightly heavier, it’s still very discreet, extremely portable and is a definite improvement.

To put the Hot Rox through its paces, we took it on a recent trip and it definitely didn’t disappoint. As soon as Hollie activated the electronic hand warmer, the heat was almost instant; it swiftly reached its top temperature which, in fact, was very hot indeed.

Furthermore, we were impressed with how long it retains its heat from one charge. With so many products, the heat doesn’t last long, which isn’t much help if you’re out for the entire day. The Hot Rox, however, will produce heat for three to six hours, depending on the temperature setting selected and outside conditions. What’s also impressive is that you can conserve the heat by simply turning it off and on as required.

A useful little extra is the Power Bank Function. When set to the “off” position, it can be used to charge your mobile phone, tablet, etc. We didn’t test this feature because, for us, the primary function is its hand-warming capabilities and, therefore, wouldn’t want to reduce its power simply to charge a mobile. However, in an emergency I can understand why this function could be extremely useful.

Overall, we’d definitely recommend this product. Okay, it might be more expensive than other products, but over time will prove more cost-effective and definitely produce a better result. The Hot Rox is a good investment for anyone who enjoys the outdoor life.


Two heat settings, heats up in ten seconds, lasts up to six hours, mains or USB charge, USB cable included.

More information:, 01279 777140



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