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Back in April 2022, we were fortunate to try the ZENB gluten-free pasta range consisting of 100% yellow peas. And, wow, we’re pleased we did.

We were, therefore, excited to hear that a new product had been added to the company’s range: the Agile Bowl. The company’s promotional message of “ditch the sandwich” is very apt in this case because ZENB have created something which is not only plant-based and gluten-free but convenient and quick to prepare to suit lunches on the go.

Agile Bowls, available in six rich flavours, utilise the quick-cook agile pasta from ZENB’s own range which retains its al dente bite. This specially designed pasta ensures a tasty meal is ready in just five minutes so great for work or holidays where cooking facilities are often sparse.

On sampling the range, we found them tasty albeit, using the boiling water cooking method, they took a little longer than the recommended wait time to be fully ready – but perhaps that’s just personal taste. Also, for us, we didn’t feel the need to add the olive oil provided in a sachet. Again, this is just our personal preference and the beauty of it being in sachet form is that it can be added as desired.

Overall, the Agile Bowls provide a nutritious addition to the plant-based convenience food range.

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